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Tully Hill is pleased to introduce a new Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Service: Ambulatory Detox from Opiates.

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Tully Hill now provides ambulatory detoxification from opiates for patients who do not meet substance use disorder treatment criteria for Inpatient detoxification or Inpatient rehabilitation but do qualify for treatment for an Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) level of care.

The new IOP service, under the direction of Tully Hill medical director Dr. Gregory Serfer in collaboration with Tully Hill’s Outpatient Program clinical staff, is designed as a temporary measure to help patients maintain abstinence from opiates while addressing and resolving issues and other factors that contributed to their opiate use.

The purpose of the new service’s Suboxone taper or induction protocols is to act in conjunction with Tully Hill’s IOP group and individual therapy sessions and community 12-Step supports, and help IOP patient participants achieve an overall IOP program treatment goal of abstinence from all drug use.

Tully Hill’s new medically managed, monitored, and structured service provides patients who qualify for it the following benefits:

·         Offered on an outpatient, voluntary basis

·         Incorporates many of the benefits of Inpatient detoxification in an Outpatient environment

·         Allows patients to remain in their community and participate in routine activities during treatment

·         A first step in a continuum of outpatient substance use disorder treatment, the goal of which is to lead to full abstinence and recovery

·         Overseen by our medical director, who is certified to prescribe and manage Suboxone

Administration of our new IOP ambulatory detox service begins with a comprehensive screening and evaluation for opiate abuse/dependence.  Patients determined to be appropriate for our IOP level of care and new detox service will meet with program management to review and agree to program and Suboxone patient agreements.  Additional treatment program paperwork also will be executed at this time.

Together our treatment professionals manage all stages of withdrawal, including ongoing assessments and dispensations of medication.  Our Suboxone-certified medical director supervises all initial and follow-up administration of the medication induction (standard: three [3] initial, consecutive visits) and tapering detoxification processes, with the Outpatient program clinical team.

The team assists patients in the management of their triggers and cravings, to ensure program participation and help patients make essential behavioral changes without experiencing withdrawal symptoms or medical consequences that could lead to relapse.

It’s important to note that Tully Hill’s ambulatory detox service will require all patients who are assessed to be appropriate for it to fully participate in IOP treatment per the terms of our Outpatient program treatment agreement and the new service’s Suboxone Patient Agreement.  Failure to comply with either arrangement’s provisions may very well result in discharge from Tully Hill’s IOP program.

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For information about our new IOP ambulatory detox service including accessing it, please call Intake in Admissions at 315-696-6114 or 1-800-456-6114. 

Additional information about the program is available via our clinical director, Ken Smith, at x141 at 315-696-6114 or 1-800-456-6114.

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