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Outcomes from Our 1st Student Survey

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Having rounded the corner on our first calendar year of operation, our community has grown in to a thriving and diverse group. While the mission – providing a bridge to college in recovery – remains at the core of our spirit, those who come seeking this community vary. Residents are at different stages of their recovery process and, thus, different stages of readiness for an academic setting. A pertinent and common question we hear is: “how quickly do the clients go back to school?” While we anecdotally knew that we were conservative and methodical in transitioning our residents in to a classroom setting, there was previously no data of the typical client profile. We now know that the typical client begins college at 10 months sober.

We have worked with intentionality and clinical rigor to develop a program that meets the residents where they are in their process with an unwavering commitment to recovery as the first priority. Our senior residents provide an example of being a full-time student in long-term recovery to our newer clients. In the meantime, newer folks are engaged in a rigorous curriculum including experiential clinical programming, Twelve Steps living, and supported goal planning to include part-time work or volunteering. The result is that new residents have a clear path and an incredibly encouraging community of peers to follow on their journey. Without a map and directions, it’s hard to know where you are going.

Alpha 180 looks to 2019 with excitement and back at 2018 with gratitude. I have grown alongside our clients in large degree to the guidance and mentorship of our owner, Bob Ferguson. In this season of appreciation and fellowship I am especially aware of the wonderful individuals on this journey with me. The staff at Alpha 180 show a dedication and commitment to heart I believe is unrivaled. Also, to my industry brothers and sisters who provide hope daily to sick and suffering families, we thank you. From all of us, we wish you a wonderful holiday.

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