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Heroes Of The Addiction Crisis: How Peter Piraino of ‘Burning Tree Programs’ Is Helping To Battle One of Our Most Serious Epidemics

People don’t necessarily want you in their “neighborhood.” Get used to it. There is still a stigma in this country around addiction and those who suffer from it. Not everyone understands that addiction is a disease and that those who suffer from it need professional help. Sometimes when you try to help people in a new area or location, there will be people who don’t want you there. That’s okay — you have to keep moving forward and doing what you know is right.

As a part of our series about “Heroes Of The Addiction Crisis” I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Piraino.

As Chief Executive Officer of Burning Tree Programs, Peter Piraino (LMSW, LCDC, LISAC) guides a team of addiction specialists who specialize in treating substance abuse disorder and the underlying mental health issues that addicts and alcoholics often face. Burning Tree is the nation’s leading treatment center for authentic long-term inpatient rehab, helping patients and their families heal through residential treatment and thoughtful aftercare. Prior to Burning Tree Programs, Peter served as ​​Clinical and Executive Director for Origins Behavioral Health Care and The Last Resort Recovery Center.


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