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Futures Recovery Healthcare | Orenda and Mental Health Care Programs

Futures Recovery Healthcare is proud to offer several premier programs.

Orenda specialty program staff focuses on long-term recovery through lifetime support and education. The clinical experts that run the premium Orenda program provide patients with concierge-level service while delivering unrivaled treatment and care. The disease of substance use disorder affects the mind, brain, and body. Organ function, metabolism, digestive health, neurochemistry — even our genetic makeup — can be impacted by long-term substance use disorders. Treating the interconnected physical and psychological symptoms of substance use disorder reduces the reasons we self-medicate and removes barriers to long-term recovery.

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Orenda’s four pillars of integrated care promote total health to establish a strong foundation in recovery.

Medical services provide safe detoxification and stabilization, and treat underlying conditions to alleviate pain, improve overall functioning, and support a positive outlook.

Clinical neuropsychology and psychotherapy assess and improve cognitive function, educate, and build resilience.

Neurorestorative care retrains maladaptive brain patterns to better recognize triggers and promote positive behaviors.

Wellness programming that includes physical care, physical fitness, nutritional counseling, hypnotherapy, bodywork, and mindfulness practice unifies mind and body healing and restores spiritual connection.

Futures has recently launched a new Mental Health Program 

Futures treats adults experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mood conditions. Our treatment, curriculum, and campus environment are designed to foster comfort, holistic well-being, and a community of solidarity and support. Through compassionate care and tailored therapies, Futures helps patients learn to navigate life’s everyday challenges, including work stress, parental and family relationships, financial pressures, and other issues that can trigger and exacerbate the symptoms of mental health conditions.

Futures’ Mental Health Program patient suites offer private bedrooms and bathrooms, television, internet, and a shared common space. Private single suites are also available.

The Mental Health Program at Futures occupies the second floor of our 118,000 square foot facility. This dedicated wing includes a dedicated nursing station and medical suite that enhances patient privacy, separate from all other Futures’ programming.

The amenities of our 9-acre campus offer patients access to participate in their individual and group therapy hours, medical checks, recreation, self-care, and wellness activities with the tranquility to relax and reflect both individually and exclusively among their peers.

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