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Fullbrook Center Celebrates One Year

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The Fullbrook Center, a women-only facility that focuses on treating substance use disorder and trauma at the same time, turned one today.

The Fullbrook Center is the latest partnership with Burning Tree Programs, which opened on Feb. 5, 2020.

“We were able to make it happen quickly only because of David Elliot and Burning Tree’s generosity,” said Josh Slay, Co-Founder Fullbrook Center. “He didn’t have to help us and just stepped up and did it because he is a good and generous man that cares about people.”

The partnership has helped Fullbrook get the word out.

“The BurningTree team was instrumental in getting the word out about Fullbrook,” Slay said. “Overall we are just really blessed to have friends and colleagues who support us.”

Fullbrook and the Pandemic
Everyone had the attitude that COVID is dangerous and scary, but that addition is equally as dangerous.

The pandemic caused a lot of challenges with patients and staff having to quarantine. The staff worked overtime and put themselves at risk to make sure that clients continued to get a high level of care.

“The blessing we found in the opening during the pandemic was that we did not have tours, conferences, and other traditional marketing events so we were able to hunker down and build the best program that we could without disruptions or distractions,” Josh said.

The Slays — Jessica and Josh  — are both co-founders of Fullbrook. The married couple both bring specific skills to the job that makes Fullbrook one of the only programs of its kind in Texas.

Jessica Slay spent her career building a private counseling practice. Jessica saw many females in her private practice that had suffered immense trauma while also developing substance use dependency. 

The biggest difference between working at Fullbrook and private practice is the community and the feeling of being part of something, Jessica said.

“There is nothing that compares to watching women get well and being a part of a community and staff who love to support one another.”

The Fullbrook Center is able to provide tailored, individual care because they are small, intimate, and have qualified, expert staff.

  • Their facility has 19 beds, making it quaint and comfortable.
  • They have six Master’s level clinicians on their clinical team.
  • They have 24-hour nursing staff and a full medical detox onsite.
  • The small facility is one of the only places that is CARF and ASAM accredited, which means we have taken extra steps to seek accreditation to ensure our women receive the best care possible.

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