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Caron Treatment Centers Proudly Announces: The Fran and Doug Tieman Center for Research

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Last night at the Richard J. Caron Award of Excellence Dinner, Caron announced the formation of the Fran and Doug Tieman Center for Research to honor our outgoing CEO & President Doug Tieman. 

Doug’s commitment to patients and families and their recovery has been central to Caron’s success under his 26-year tenure. Year after year, Caron has continued to invest time and talent to the advancement of research and our understanding about substance use disorder and its treatment.  Under Doug’s leadership, Caron created a professional advisory board, secured research partnerships with academic institutions and the National Institutes of Health, published research findings and laid the foundation to build a formal, full-time, on-site research team.

All of these elements have certainly proven to be key catalysts for improving treatment at Caron. However, what if these elements could be complemented with medical research that accurately predicts relapse? What if we could examine specific genes present and determine the likelihood of an opioid addiction? That is the path that Caron is on today and it is the path that will change how addiction and prevention services are provided in the future.  

Research at Caron

Learn more about The Fran and Doug Teiman Center for Research

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