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Burning Tree West welcomes Joshua New as Executive Director of their new Young Adult Collegiate Recovery Program

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Burning Tree West welcomes Joshua New, MSW, LCSW as Executive Director of our new Young Adult Collegiate Recovery Program. Our newly licensed facility is located near the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. We are grateful to have Josh back on our team. Josh brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

'Grateful People Are Happy People and Those Who Ain't, Ain't'. This was an anonymous quote stenciled on the back wall of an indigent detox facility in Orange County California that I would read and ponder often in the early days of my recovery. That quote was life changing for me and has become a mantra for me personally. My name is Joshua New, Executive Director of Burning Tree West. Burning Tree West is a brand new collegiate recovery program located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. I am grateful to Burning Tree Programs for the opportunity to spearhead the development and implementation of their new long-term co-ed collegiate recovery program for young adults.
Collegiate recovery is a huge part of my own personal recovery story. It changed me from an insecure beaten up addict with no hope; to an individual finally living with purpose and meaning in my life.
It is our goal at Burning Tree West to provide others on this journey the opportunity to reclaim their life and develop the tools necessary to live an optimal life in recovery. Burning Tree West offers the structure and clinical support that those suffering with substance use disorder need during their time transitioning from primary treatment.
Young adults seeking recovery often get stuck and overwhelmed with figuring out what to do and how to do life beyond not using. At Burning Tree West, we understand this because a lot of us have been there as well. Helping students to develop the skills they need in recovery and helping them reach their academic goals to pursue their dreams and purpose is at the heart of what we do here at Burning Tree West.
I often believe in the idea, that we are not here to help meet people where they are at, but we are here to help meet people where they dream to be.

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