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Behavioral Health EMR and Data Analytics Leader Sunwave Health Completes Turn-Key Integration into the NAATP FoRSE Database

Sunwave Health (Sunwave), the unified addiction treatment technology platform, has completed a turn-key integration for its substance use disorder and behavioral health clients into the Foundation for Recovery Science and Education (FoRSE) database. This integration adds Sunwave-collected insights derived from approximately 80,000 treatment episode data points annually into the FoRSE database and brings rich industry benchmarks to Sunwave clients.

Developed by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), FoRSE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is committed to assessing treatment effectiveness, legitimizing addiction healthcare, and helping providers improve care. FoRSE developed a Centralized Data Repository (CDR) and Application Programming Interface (API) to enable treatment providers to share data from various technology systems. Using de-identified standardized data about the persons served, services provided, and patient outcomes, FoRSE drives insight into addiction treatment success.

"We are thrilled to have Sunwave as a FoRSE technology partner," said Annie Peters, Ph.D., executive director of FoRSE. "The work Sunwave has done to streamline integration, ensure data consistency and completeness, and educate its provider clients, will ultimately help guarantee the best data and inputs into the FoRSE database. And we believe this program will ultimately lead to better patient care and improved outcomes."

Sunwave's dynamic integration delivers comprehensive data insights into the FoRSE database, accelerating provider connection. With pre-seeded standard FoRSE templates and no required customer configuration or IT support, providers can access a complete support package, including training, communication templates, and quick guides. The integration also offers enhanced insight into benchmarked performance and enriched analytics to help providers understand outcomes performance compared to peers and the broader treatment community.

"This market-leading integration is a game-changer for our clients," said Wayne Johnson, vice president of special operations at Sunwave. "It enables our clients to gain greater insights into the effectiveness of their treatment programs and benchmark themselves against other providers in the industry. We are excited about the potential positive impact on the treatment community, patients, and society as we grapple with rising rates of substance use disorder and behavioral health needs."

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About Sunwave Health
Sunwave Health drives healthy results for behavioral health and SUD providers through a unified platform that eases documentation and answers clinical and operational questions, leading to better outcomes. Sunwave provides client and referral tracking, electronic medical records, billing, patient engagement tools, and an advanced analytic engine to deliver immediate visibility into performance and risk. As a result, providers can better manage increased demand, improve clinical and non-clinical resource utilization, increase patient retention, and optimize reimbursement. Sunwave Health–driving healthy results.

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