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Jim Marcotte

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English Mountain Recovery

In 2015, Nelson J. Bradley Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Jim Marcotte, English Mountain  Recovery,  Sevierville, TN, Mr. Marcotte was honored for his 50 year record of service to the addiction recovery community beginning with his own recovery process inspired by the award’s namesake, Dr. Bradley. Mr. Marcotte’s life and work demonstrate a profound and tireless commitment to addiction recovery through the blending of social, spiritual, and research based scientific principles. He serves as Board President of English Mountain Recovery and as Relapse Counselor and President of the Center for Relapse Prevention. He formally served as Executive Director of the Council for Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services Tennessee, Administrator of Focus Health Care Tennessee, and Clinical Director of Lighthouse Treatment Centers in Tennessee and Georgia.

About This Award

In 1983, a young but rapidly emerging organization recognized Nelson J. Bradley, M.D. with its first annual outstanding achievement award. Dr. Bradley participated and led the pioneering activities in Minnesota that resulted in a multi-disciplinary approach to treating persons with alcoholism and the recognition of alcoholism as a treatable disease. Through his early efforts treatment models were developed which have been modified, but are still in place today.

Shortly after being presented with this award, Dr. Bradley died. The award has been named in his honor to celebrate his leadership in the field of addiction treatment. The intention of this annual award is to recognize the life long achievements of individuals and to preserve the memory of the many contributions to modern addiction treatment that Dr. Bradley so generously shared with the addiction treatment field.