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Barry Meier

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Formerly The New York Times

Barry Meier is a writer and former New York Times journalist, who wrote the 2003 non-fiction, Pain Killer: A Wonder Drug's Trail of Addiction and Death which was then expanded and updated to Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America's Opioid Epidemic. Mr. Meier’s prolific investigative reporting on Big Pharma and Substance Use Disorder serves as an essential foundation for understanding the devastation of the opioid crisis and the enormous need for a comprehensive national response including the provision of high-quality addiction treatment. In his career as a journalist, Meier has "specialized in reporting on business, public policy and health and safety. Meier was a The Wall Street Journal reporter for five years and also worked at New York Newsday as a special project’s reporter. Meier's articles "have led to Congressional hearings and changes in federal laws." Meier studied journalism at Syracuse University.