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Edgewood Health

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The James W. West, MD, Quality Improvement Award was given to two recipients in 2015, one of which was Edgewood Health Network (EHN), British Columbia, Canada,  They were recognized for its pioneering work in expanding and delivering comprehensive addiction care on a national scale in Canada. EHN expanded its reach in 2014 growing to 178 beds and 7 outpatient locations using the newly developed EASI - Edgewood Assessment Supplementary Inventory and IOP - Intensive Outpatient Program. EHN is CARF accredited and implements comprehensive and rigorous staff recruitment, retention, evaluation and training programs, outcomes measurement systems, and a culture of ongoing quality improvement. 

About This Award

The James W. West, M.D. Quality Improvement Award was established in 2000. This award recognizes new, innovative, and successful addiction treatment advancements, both clinical and operational, that improve the quality and quantity of addiction treatment.