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Senate Sets Health Care Reform Schedule

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Senate Sets Health Care Reform Schedule
NAATP PPU 6.8.17

US Senate Republicans have recently determined they will attempt to pass their version of a health care reform bill. The House of Representatives passed its version several weeks ago.

The group negotiating the Senate legislation has been secretive about the bill’s content. According to press reports, it will be very different from the House-passed bill. We also understand that they will continue some of the popular aspects of current law, such as protections for pre-existing conditions. No public hearings have been scheduled.

No clear indication of how they will handle the ten essential benefits aspect of the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid expansion has been provided. Both are important provisions to NAATP members.

Senate leaders have promised to hold a vote prior to the July 4th Congressional Recess. That allows little time to reach consensus and achieve 50 republican votes; it is unlikely any democrats will support this bill.

NOW IS THE TIME TO LET YOUR SENATOR KNOW that you care about making certain SubstanceUse Disorder is covered on parity with other diseases and about Medicaid expansion in your state.

Should the Senate find enough votes to pass a reform bill, they will have to reconcile that version with the one passed by the House. Each body will have to agree on the final version. Even though there still are many hurdles to overcome, NAATP will be vigilant in advocating for our NAATP members and your patients.

Mark Dunn
NAATP Director of Public Policy
Washington, DC