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NAATP in Washington During Complex Political Transition

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The National Association is at work in Washington, DC on behalf of the addiction treatment provider. The promotion and protection of public policy which promotes best practice addiction treatment and enhanced access to treatment is our priority. Toward that end, we maintain a strong public policy position in Washington. Substance Use Disorder (SUD) as an essential health benefit, and preservation, implementation, end enforcement of parity for SUD are key NAATP public policy objectives.

NAATP’s organizational effectiveness on Capitol Hill is grounded in: 1) The presence of a professional policy advocate; 2) A political action committee; and 3) A grass roots constituency. In addition, The National Association leverages its effectiveness through strong collaborative relationships. NAATP is a member of the Parity Implementation Coalition (PIC) on which we serve on the Executive Committee and on which the NAATP Executive Director serves as the Co-Chair.

We are in the midst of a complex transition of executive power in Washington. During these times, we are particularly vigilant and active on our member’s behalf.

For more information, please click on these links and do not hesitate to contact us.

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