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NAATP Supports Treatment Facility Assistance

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers has been working with like-minded organizations on a proposal to Congress to assist SUD Treatment Providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The request is for $38.5 billion in emergency supplemental funding for direct payments to behavioral health organizations. This funding would help ensure they can remain operational during the pandemic. It would be available for those providing mental health and Substance Use Disorder treatment.

The funds could be used for reimbursement for healthcare-related expenses for lost revenues that are attributable to COVID-19. They could also be used for construction of temporary structures; leasing of properties; purchasing medical supplies and equipment including personal protective equipment and testing supplies; increased workforce and training expenses; telehealth infrastructure, equipment, and data costs; emergency operation centers; retrofitting facilities; and surge capacity. 

As this proposal was developed, there was a great deal of discussion regarding who would be eligible to apply for these funds. NAATP insisted that this funding should be available for all of our members, despite some contrary views, which would have been far more restrictive. According to the request, which has been submitted to Congress, eligible behavioral health organizations shall mean (1) organizations primarily treating individuals with mental health and/or Substance Use Disorders, including all levels of care, that are accredited by an independent, national accrediting organization; (2) Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs); and (3) such other organizations, as specified by the HHS Secretary. 

While this request has strong support from the behavioral health field, every segment of society will also be asking for assistance. We urgently need your help.

Congress is in the process of deciding how they will shape future legislation to address COVID-19. That process is going on NOW. Please call your member of Congress and ask that they support emergency funding for behavioral health organizations. 

NAATP will continue to focus on providing relief and assistance during these unsettling times. Your voice is critical to our success with Congress. Please call today.

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