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Congress Includes Substance Use Disorder Funds in Budget

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Congress Includes Substance Use Disorder Funds in Budget
PPU: 03.23.18

The just-passed budget bill includes additional funding for a variety of programs designed to address substance use disorders. The total is an additional 7.4 billion dollars, which includes 4.15 billion targeted for treatment, mostly for special populations such as pregnant and postpartum women, veterans and prisoners.

Also included in the omnibus budget bill were the priorities outlined in CARA 2.0. Those appropriations increased from $153 million to nearly $360 million. 

The bill left out any mechanism for market stabilization for the Affordable Care Act, which had been a priority of Senators Collins, Murray and Alexander.

NAATP is pleased with the bi-partisan support of prevention, treatment, and recovery programs contained in this legislation.

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Mark Dunn
NAATP Director of Public Policy
Washington, DC