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Congress to Focus on 4th Covid-19 Relief Package

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As Congress returns from the July 4th holiday, the latest COVID-19 relief bill will be on the agenda. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed its version, called the Heroes Act. Now the U.S. Senate needs to present its version so a negotiation between the two bodies can begin.

NAATP has joined with coalition partners in support of a budget line-item for mental health and substance use disorder providers in the amount of 38.5 billion dollars. The Heroes Act, passed by the House includes 100 billion for healthcare providers, however it does not designate a specific amount for substance use disorder or mental health providers. It is crucial that the Senate bill supports that amount and we are asking that they designate 38.5 billion for that purpose.

The only national health crisis prior to COVID-19, was related to substance use disorders. Numerous studies have shown that SUD’s have increased during the pandemic. Americans need access to treatment now as well as following the COVID-19 crisis. Congress should prioritize assistance to this critical segment of the healthcare field.

We are asking you to call your U.S. Senators as soon as possible and ask them to support this request. Congress hopes to pass this legislation by the end of July, but the time to call is NOW!

Locate your Senators here

A talking points script is included here to assist you.

Support from constituents like you can make all the difference. After you complete your communication, please inform us at NAATP regarding the response you received. This will further aid our advocacy efforts on the Hill.

Thank you for your continued support of NAATP and the field.