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Congress Continues to Deliberate Health Care

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Since the Trump Administration health care revision bill failed to achieve enough votes for passage, Congress and the Administration has continued to work on an alternative that could gain enough support to pass in the House of Representatives.

Another serious attempt is currently underway.  We never know for sure if anything will advance to the point of an actual vote, however the proposal under consideration would severely reduce access for SUD treatment.  

A major victory for NAATP occurred when SUD residential treatment was included in the 10 essential benefits contained in the affordable care act. One aspect of the latest proposal under consideration in the US House, would allow each state to decide if the insurance exchanges in their states would maintain the essential benefits…or not.

NAATP continues to voice our concerns with any proposal that would reduce access to SUD care, including this latest heath care reform proposal. We encourage members to express their views to members of congress.