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Congress Considers Assistance for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Last week Congress passed additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. That legislation primarily focused on the loan program that was created in response to the millions of Americans out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be another Congressional legislative response to the current crisis. Discussions regarding content are underway now and the Senate will return to Washington, DC next week to begin negotiations in earnest. There is no agreement yet regarding which segments of society will receive assistance in this bill.

NAATP joins many treatment-focused national organizations in asking Congress to consider our request for $38.5 billion for mental health and Substance Use Disorder treatment facilities. Until recently, the only national health emergency was Substance Use Disorder. Our message is that the SUD health crisis will not simply disappear because another one has emerged. It’s critically important that treatment facilities remain in operation during this pandemic, as well as after, to treat the millions of Americans impacted by this disease.

Obviously, every segment of the economy will be asking for help. While we feel our case is more compelling than most, there will be tremendous competition for funds. We know many of our members are hurting financially and we are doing everything we can to assist.

That’s why we need your help today. It’s essential that you call your member of Congress and your U.S. Senators and ask that they support our $38.5 billion request. It’s vital that we gain as many supporters as possible. That’s particularly true in the U.S. Senate, where we must have bi-partisan support. You can locate your Senator or Congressperson here

Once your calls are made, please let me know what response you received so we, along with our coalition, can follow up with those offices. You may email me at

Our success in gaining assistance literally may depend on your voice with your Senators and Congresspersons. Please don’t delay.