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Amidst Health Crisis, NAATP Pushes Treatment as Essential

The COVID-19 crisis has obviously disrupted all aspects of life in America and around the world. NAATP members are individually and professionally impacted in dramatic ways.

NAATP is focused on the impact on our members and the patients they serve. We are hearing reports of patients leaving treatment early against medical advice. We are also aware that individuals who would normally seek treatment for substance use disorders are postponing seeking help until this crisis has subsided. These decisions are leading to debilitating repercussions for our members and those suffering with SUD alike.

Substance Use Disorder treatment is a critical aspect of the health care system. Treatment facilities must be able to continue to serve those in need and should be considered essential services. It’s also vitally important that when the COVID- 19 pandemic has passed, patients who need SUD treatment have facilities in which to seek help. Many lives are literally at stake.

As Congress and the Trump Administration work on financial relief packages for businesses in America, substance use disorder treatment facilities must not be left out. Over the next few days, details of how the government will assist businesses in sustaining operations during this crisis will be decided. SUD treatment facilities must be included on the list of businesses needing assistance.

NAATP is currently asking the Office of National Drug Control Policy to be an advocate within the Administration. We are also reaching out to our friends on Capitol Hill. NAATP’s voice is most effective when amplified by our members.

We know that you are incredibly busy dealing with the ever-changing implications of this pandemic. Nevertheless, we ask that you take a moment to contact your member of Congress to remind them of the essential role SUD treatment plays in American life. Please ask that treatment facilities be included in the financial assistance package being developed. The sustainability of many of our members could hang in the balance.

Your members of Congress can be found here.