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Marvin Ventrell, JD

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Executive Director

Marvin Ventrell became NAATP’s fifth Executive Director on May 1, 2015. During Mr. Ventrell’s 30-year professional career, he has been a trial lawyer, law school instructor, professional trainer, professional association director, author, and a treatment center executive.

Mr. Ventrell is the author of numerous professional journal articles, book chapters, and books. His 2014 series in Addiction Professional Magazine chronicles the legalization of marijuana in Colorado through the passage of the law to distribution to the social, economic, and health impacts of marijuana use and legalization. He has lectured at dozens of universities, law schools, medical schools, professional organizations, and state and federal agencies throughout the US and abroad. Mr. Ventrell is the recipient of the National Child Advocacy Award from the American Bar Association, the Kempe Award from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and the Addiction Professional’s Award from the International Symposium.

As NAATP Director, Mr. Ventrell is responsible for all association administration and program. He serves on numerous boards and committees and is the NAATP Representative to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). He is a proud and vocal member of the addiction recovery community.