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Alina Lodge CEU Webinar | Unconscious Motivation- Basic Instincts & Relapse Prevention

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Please join Alina Lodge’s Jackie Ré, as we explore unconscious motivation and “autopilot” through our instinctual drives.

You will also participate in an experiential exercise that will assist you in discovering your own instinctual stack so that you will have a felt experience of this important work as you prepare to introduce it to your clients.

Learning Objectives:

  • identify and transform imbalances that keep our clients stuck
  • identify and nurture the neglected instinct (a key to relapse prevention that is often overlooked)
  • bring greater presence and awareness to instinctual drives
  • gain deeper understanding of our unconscious/motivations
  • navigate ways to move beyond the unconscious and destructive patterns that will enable our clients to live a more conscious and fulfilling life in recovery
Jackie Ré Executive Director of Alina Lodge's Haley House, MACC, LCADC, CCTP

Devoted director and therapist who strongly believes in psycho-spirital and integrative approach. Specializes in addiction treatment using a holistic and healing path to transformation.

Talented and compassionate communicator. Excellent documentation practices and organization skills.

Professional highlights includes: Program Development & Implementation, Policies & Procedures, Staff Management, Marketing, clinical Evaluation/Assessment, Consultation, Treatment Planning, Client Education, Referrals, Case Management, Crisis Intervention, Individual and Group Therapy.

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Date & Time: 
Friday, December 3, 2021 11:00 am