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White House Previews State of the Union with NAATP

The White House contacted NAATP early this morning to preview the President’s State of the Union speech this evening relative to substance use disorder. NAATP appreciates this relationship with the administration that allows us to best serve our members. “We are pleased that we were contacted in advance and given the opportunity to comment,” said NAATP CEO Marvin Ventrell.

According to White House Staff, the President will discuss enhanced efforts to interdict drugs at the border with a major focus on fentanyl.

In terms of prevention the President will announce an Ad Council Campaign to educate young people regarding fentanyl and other drugs.

As he did last year, the President will also focus on substance use disorder treatment and making MAT available to those who would benefit from it.

Another positive initiative to be announced is an initiative to ensure that the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act is enforced in commercial plans. This is an effort that could fundamentally change access to treatment.

The President will also focus on workforce issues in the substance use disorder field. This is another priority issue for NAATP and the first time a US President has focused on this critical problem.

“We continue to be impressed and encouraged with this Administration’s awareness, understanding, and willingness to act to address the national emergency of addiction. The resources of the White House are considerable, and this President is clearly motivated to use them. These identified initiatives will improve access to care and save millions of lives. Now, it is incumbent on the new congress to put aside partisan politics and act to save American’s lives. Addiction is not a partisan issue and must not be treated as such.”

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