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NAATP Values Statement

We value the history of significant contributions made by 12-step abstinence-based treatment to the sobriety of over twenty million Americans in recovery.

We value residential treatment’s vital, necessary and essential place in the full continuum of care as a viable choice for the treatment of the disease of addiction.

We value a comprehensive model of care that addresses the medical, bio-psycho-social and spiritual needs of individuals and families impacted by the disease of addiction.

We value research-driven, evidence-based treatment interventions that integrate the sciences of medicine, therapy and spirituality. We celebrate these examples:

  • Pharmaceutical interventions including medications for reducing craving and withdrawal symptoms
  • Psycho-social interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing
  • Spiritual interventions including Twelve Step facilitated therapy and mindfulness meditation
  • Behavioral interventions including nutrition and exercise

We value abstinence from all abusable drugs as an optimal component of wellness and lifelong recovery. Depending on bio-psycho-social and economic factors, there may be persons who might require medication assisted treatment for extended periods of time and perhaps indefinitely. However, medication alone is never sufficient to maintain long-term recovery.

We value outcome data that assesses the efficacy of treatment interventions.

We value education and training that promotes understanding of a continuum of care that embraces these values.