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Continuing Education Event – ADHD in Substance Use Disorder – Westminster, MA

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With all of the rumors, legends, myths and misinformation that exist about attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can be difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction. Is there a relationship between ADHD and substance abuse? If so, why does this correlation exist? Finally, what can be done to prevent abuse and treat the symptoms if they have already begun? ADHD has historically been a diagnosis shrouded with judgment and a devaluing of its existence. However, with current evidence, it seems clear that people with ADHD are more likely than the general population to have greater rates of substance abuse that begin at earlier ages. This training will discuss what ADHD is and the neurobiology and etiology that increases the likelihood of someone being diagnosed with ADHD. The training will explore the symptoms and strengths of ADHD and tie in how SUD is linked to this diagnosis. And finally, effective treatment options will be identified to help stop the trend of people with ADHD being at higher risk for substance abuse, including working to know the facts, the use of medication, and understanding the triggers.

Learning Objectives:

• Discuss 5 myths associated with ADHD
• Identify 5 symptoms characteristic of ADHD
• Understand 4 risk factors associated with ADHD and substance use
• Understand the etiology of ADHD
• Identify 3 risk factors associated with ADHD and SUD
• Explore 5 ways to begin treating ADHD and Substance Use

8:30 AM: Registration & networking
9:00 AM: Training begins
10:30 AM: 15 min break
12:15 PM: Training ends

Recovery Centers of America is a NAADAC approved education provider (#155307). This course qualifies for 3 contact hours. NAADAC approved CE(s) are accepted by most state licensing and certification boards. Please contact your credentialing board or visit NAADAC’s website for CE acceptance information:
**Because regulations may change at any time, it is the sole responsibility of the licensee to maintain compliance with their Board’s continuing education policies and regulations.**
Below are the MA Boards that currently accept NAADAC CE(s) for licensure/certification renewal.
Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
MA Board of Social Workers (must contact Board for approval)
NAADAC is NOT a pre-approved provided for CEs with MA Board of SW. However, the Board’s information on CEs (see attachment) indicates:
Licensees may obtain credit for completing an individual continuing education activity:
(a) If it pertains to their professional growth and practice AND
(b) Is a lecture, an oral presentation at a course or conference, publication of a book, publication of an article in a recognized professional journal, completion of research for such a presentation or publication AND
(c) Application for this activity is made to the Board for approval at least 60 days prior to the expiration of their licensure period.
No more than 50% of required CEUs for the license cycle can be earned by completing an individual continuing education activity.
The Board receives a high volume of these CEU requests in the months leading up to the October 1st expiration date. If you request approval during this time frame, you may not receive a decision on whether credit has been awarded until close to, or after, the expiration date of your license.

Trish Caldwell MFT, LPC, CCDP-D, CAADC, CCTP

Trish Caldwell MFT, LPC, CCDP-D, CAADC, CCTP, Family Services Director for Recovery Centers of America and is also an adjunct professor at Jefferson University. Trish is a licensed clinician, marriage and family therapist and is certified in both co-occurring disorders and substance use. Trish has been a therapist for over 25 years and has worked extensively with families, adults and adolescents with co-occurring behavioral health and substance use disorders in various settings including outpatient, residential, schools and community agencies. She is trained in DBT and is a certified Trauma professional and a certified mentor trainer of trauma. Additionally, Trish created the first Young Offenders Treatment Program in Delaware County, serving first time offenders with Drug charges. Trish has been the Keynote speaker for the PAYS Summit, the Suicide Prevention Conference and Magellan behavioral health conference. Additionally, she has provided in-service training for several PA school districts and has trained law enforcement officers on drug trends for the CIT program. She has also presented at the Annual Trauma conference, the Cape Cod Symposium, and the annual conference for the American Association for Marriage and family Therapists (AAMFT). Trish specializes in ADHD, Opioid Use in young adults, Trauma informed care, Developmental trauma, Trauma and Substance Use disorders, Trauma and the Family System, Family Engagement, and Substance use for today’s teens. Trish holds her MFT from Drexel University and is licensed and certified in the state of PA.

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Date & Time: 
Thursday, November 21, 2019
8:30 am to 12:15 pm
Recovery Centers of America at Westminster

9 Village Inn Rd. Westminster, MA