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Braided Patient Engagement Strategies: Executive Roundtables

Braided patient engagement strategies (BPES) consist of interweaving normally separate services to better serve the client, while also enhancing the service provider’s strategic goals. The power of BPES lies in simplifying and enhancing the patient experience by weaving together typically separate services. The power of NIATx is its set of tools that help effectively build these braided engagement care processes based on an organization’s current strategic opportunities and capacity.

BPES are designed to:
+ Provide whole-person services by offering prevention and screening services, delivering co-treatment, and minimizing patient hand-offs.
+ Broaden patient engagement and encourage patient retention.
+ Increase organizational revenue, diversify the funding stream, and provide future strategic advantage.
+ Amplify public health benefits, including reduced disease spread and overdose deaths.

The NIATx Foundation is introducing BPES through our Executive Roundtables, an accelerated learning collaborative model. These Roundtables provide a collaborative atmosphere for executives and emerging visionary leaders to explore the opportunities for braiding within your organizations.

Our next Executive Roundtables is starting in May 2022 and include three (3) two-hour learning events (held via Zoom) comprised of organizational strategies, case examples, and facilitated discussions, as well as assignments and work in your own organization. Sessions will be led by an experienced group of NIATx Foundation coaches. Coaches will introduce a set of practical tools developed and tested by NIATx and will guide participants in the following activities and outcomes:
+ Identifying top opportunities for braiding in the executive’s organization.
+ Planning a rapid pilot test for BPES.
+ Evaluating and learning from the test to prepare a "quick-start roadmap” for implementation of best-tested opportunities.
+ Planning for scale-up and sustainment of BPES through rapid-cycle change processes.
+ Leveraging peer networking and collaboration opportunities with other innovative leaders throughout the Roundtable.

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Todd Molfenter, PhD, and Lynn Madden, MPA

Todd Molfenter, PhD, is the Executive Director of the NIATx Foundation. He has spent the past 20 years leading and studying performance improvement in health systems. Complete bio:

Lynn Madden, MPA, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the APT Foundation, a non-profit agency founded in 1970 by members of the Yale University Department of Psychiatry to promote health and recovery for those who live with substance use disorders and/or mental illness. Complete bio:

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