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Advancing National Initiatives Through Local Advocacy Efforts

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State advocacy efforts are often overshadowed by large federal policy packages produced and debated in Washington, DC, despite the fact that legislative initiatives at the state level may greatly inform and assist with making progress on national issues. This presentation will familiarize listeners with model legislation, such as the Model Patient Protection and Treatment Ethics Act. Listeners will learn about the model legislation drafting process and how it can be used in states to marshal and organize support for ethical standards that protect patients and ethical treatment providers alike. Presenters will also discuss a roadmap for the enactment of such model legislation.

Mark Dunn, Scott Munson, Gary Tennis

Mark Dunn, Director of Public Policy, NAATP
Mark Dunn represents NAATP in Washington, DC. As policy representative, Mark represents NAATP on Capitol Hill, at the various federal agencies, and with coalition partners.  He advises NAATP and the Board on a broad range of public policy issues important to NAATP members. Mark is a partner in Veritas Advisors, a public affairs firm with over 150 years of combined federal government affairs experience.

Scott Munson, Executive Director, Sundown M Ranch
Scott Munson has been employed at Sundown M Ranch in Yakima WA since 1985 and has served as its Executive Director since 1997. Scott is a Past Chair of the National Association of Addiction Treatment providers (NAATP) and currently chairs the NAATP Public Policy Committee.  He is also the Legislative Chair of the Washington State Association of Alcoholism and Addiction Programs and the Vice-Chair of the Chemical Dependency Studies Program’s Advisory Board at Yakima Valley College.

Gary Tennis, President, NAMSDL
Gary Tennis serves as NAMSDL’s President. In 1992-1993, he served as Executive Director of NAMSDL’s predecessor entity, the President’s Commission on Model State Drug Laws.  Gary specializes in drafting and developing treatment, intervention and prevention model laws, policies, guidelines and strategies.

Date & Time: 
Thursday, July 16, 2020
11:00 am to 12:00 pm