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Session Descriptions

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NAATP National 2021
A Searching and Fearless Inventory
Accountability in Quality, Leadership, and Racial Equity


Presentations at NAATP National 2021 will pursue an industry inventory within the three conference dimensions of quality measurement in value-based-care models, leadership in crisis, and equitable access to care at a time of social change. Explore each session by clicking on the session title below to view session descriptions, learning objectives, presenter bios, and more.

Conference Sessions

Opening Night Banquet
The Meaning of Convening

General Session 1
Welcome to NAATP National 2021

Emerging from Industry Trauma through Accountability​
Taking Our InventoryTreatment Quality, Leadership, and Racial Equity

General Session 2
Wellness through Integrated and Measurable Health Care

Care IntegrationA Primary-Behavioral-Substance Use Disorder Model​
Answering the CallThe NAATP Foundation for Recovery Science and Education

General Session 3
The State of Our Association
Emerging from Trauma as Regulated Leaders

General Session 4
Racialized Trauma, Resilience and Healing

The NAATP FoRSE Founders Campaign Luncheon
​Launching Our Field’s Collaborative Outcomes and Measures Program

CEO Luncheon
Leadership in Trauma and Transformation

NAATP Member Benefit Session
The Value-Based Proposition for NAATP Membership
Executive, Clinical, and Marketing Perspectives

Breakout Sessions A

1. A FoRSE for Good
How NAATP’s New Science Foundation will Improve Quality

2. Virtual Care
Telehealth and Virtual Reality in Addiction Treatment

3. Designing Culturally Responsive Clinical Settings

Breakout Sessions B

1. Building a Diverse Organization
The Business Case for DEI

2. Field Consolidation
The Continued March of Mergers and Acquisitions

3.  Leadership and COVID-19
The Relationship Between Compassion Fatigue and Organizational Health

Breakout Sessions C

1. Distinguishing Outcomes-Based Treatment and Evidence-Based Practices

2. Ethics is Never Over
Balanced and Effective Local Regulation

3. Understanding and Healing Intergenerational Racism and Bias

Breakout Sessions D

1. The Continuity of Care Gap
Effective Communication and Transition

2. Quality Through Advocacy
Federal Public Policy and the NAATP Alliance for State Advocacy

3. Reaching Out Across Cultural Lines
Culturally Responsive Community Outreach

Credit Hours

Continuing Education Credits will be provided through NAADAC. The National Association #64394 is an approved education provider through NAADAC. Approximately 11 credit hours will be offered. NAATP is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

NBCC credits will NOT be offered. Please check with NBCC directly about self-reporting hours.