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Strategic Growth Director - Gateway Foundation

Job Description
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

Identifies potential projects for strategic business expansion and presents them to the Executive Management Team (EMT) including background research and analysis
Supports the EMT in their decision management of opportunities and the development of long term organizational strategy
Assesses Market Trends and Competitors Build project plans that could include defining the scope;allocating resources;setting deadlines;laying out communication strategies;development of pro forma;testing of business assumptions and processes and identifying threats and opportunities
Manages every phase of all projects undertaken including development of milestones and execution of planned activities. This may include obtaining space, licensure, personnel and payment contracts for new ventures
Assures successful completion of projects by managing schedules and informs EMT of any project timeline or goal variation
Develops communication for internal and external audiences regarding strategic development of projects
May perform duties as an Interim Business Unit or Functional Leader in the Division
Perform other duties as assigned

Other Information/Requirements: 

Bachelor’s degree in business management; Master’s in Business Administration preferred.
Minimum of three to five years experience in strategic planning and project management.
Passion for the field of substance use disorder preferred


Strong verbal and written communication skills to gather and exchange information with internal and external customers.
Interpersonal and presentation skills to represent information to senior leaders the organization to diverse audiences
Analytical and problem solving abilities to monitor work, identify and report on trends and recommend solutions.
Ability to respond to emails and voice mail.
High attention to detail and accuracy.
Able to work in a fast-paced work environment.


Ability to lift up to 10 – 20 pounds to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects such as files and other office materials.
Ability to speak and communicate effectively in person or by telephone in order to gather and exchange information and provide direction.
Ability to type and proofread documentation.
Ability to respond to telephone calls, emails, and hear speech.
May be required to stoop and bend when handling computer equipment, troubleshooting system problems, etc.
Ability to check and verify data and error messages from printed form and computer monitor display.
Ability to use a keyboard and monitor display to enter, retrieve and/or audit information and data.
Travel to meet external parties and coordinate events.

Contact Information
Organization Name: 
Gateway Foundation
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