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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Remote Opportunity)

Job Description
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

1. Conduct comprehensive physical/mental health assessments and evaluations on all new admissions, as the specialty area indicates.
2. Provide detox/MAT support and education as needed
3. Create a plan for medical/health services throughout the duration of the client’s treatment.
4. Provide comprehensive case management services to ensure continuity of care.
5. Foster efficient and effective utilization of existing medical resources to prevent fragmentation and duplication of services.
6. Provide extensive and focused health/mental health education for clients, tailoring the information and approach to the needs of the population served.
7. Provide individual/group counseling and education in areas of medical/clinical/health needs.
8. Provide professional in-service training and education to staff.
9. Create and maintain thorough and comprehensive medical/health-related files on clients served.
10. Maintain working area within appropriate and relevant regulatory guidelines, including medication handling and storage.
11. Assist in the facilitation of special events as required.
12. Other duties as required/assigned by supervisor and/or Director of Health Services.
13. Provide on-call support for medical staff

Other Information/Requirements: 

Nurse Practitioner program, advanced Clinical Specialist standing or other advanced practice certification.

Master’s Degree Practicum plus one year of experience
PA License (Unrestricted)
Data 2000 Waiver (X-number)
DEA License

Contact Information
Organization Name: 
Gaudenzia, Inc.
106 W. Main St.
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Internal Info
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