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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Job Description
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

Footprints to Recovery is hiring for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for our Centennial, CO outpatient facility. This individual will provide supportive and professional mental health and addiction services to the facility's population as needed. They will be responsible for the appropriate evaluation and assessment of all clients, in conjunction with prescribing of clinically appropriate Pharmacotherapy. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will provide accurate and appropriate medication-assisted therapies and subsequent monitoring.

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

-Responsible for initial psychiatric evaluation and assessment of pre-existing conditions or conditions present in response to post-acute withdrawal;
-Consistent communication with clinical staff to ensure continuity of care and appropriateness for the level of care;
-Responsible for the education of clients pertaining to psychopharmacology and medication-assisted therapies as well as medication and narcotic use/misuse interactions and contra-indications;
-Responsible for accurate and timely documentation in the Electronic Medical Records system;
-Prescribes and monitors appropriate medications for clients within the facility in accordance with all policy, procedures, and state and federal regulatory standards;
-Responsible for providing outpatient care to clients showing a change or decline in mental status, chronic or urgent medical conditions;
-Participates in all scheduled interdisciplinary team meetings;
-Evaluates client’s histories and physicals, risk factor assessment, ordering of therapeutic and diagnostic tests;
-Provides referrals for any issues identified throughout the course of the initial evaluation or ongoing care, and subsequently collaborates with any providers issuing care to the clients of Footprints to Recovery.
-Consult with medical director on cases that are beyond the scope of qualification of PMHNP;
-Ensure consistent and collaborative communication with other health professionals for effective delivering service to clients.
Minimum Requirements:

-Must possess appropriate and valid state license/certifications for practice as a PMHNP. A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience with substance use disorders is preferred.

- Excellent written and oral communication skills;
- Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within constant changing priorities with enthusiasm; Strong interpersonal skills;
- Must be able to work independently, efficiently and with accuracy;
- Exhibits a high degree of courtesy, tact, and poise when interacting with clients, families, and other personnel
- Knowledge of electronic medical records systems and protocols.

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Footprints to Recovery
6505 S Paris Street
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