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Outreach Director

Job Description
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

The Outreach Director is responsible for leading and managing a team of Community Outreach Managers, ensuring profitable growth in revenue through planning, execution and management of a supportive team. This individual will be dedicated to growing the company’s community presence through hands-on outreach and sales management, focused referral generation and strategic brand building initiatives.

Other Information/Requirements: 

The Outreach Director meets extensively with educational and healthcare professionals in the community, forming new relationships and maintaining existing ones, so that AspenRidge Recovery is part of an extended family of resources and support. The Outreach Director is also a vital contributor to on-campus events and culture. To excel in these dual missions, the Outreach Director must be able to find multiple balances: between numbers and relationships, confidence and vulnerability, connection and autonomy, passion and compassion. Great Outreach Directors are driven, creative and poised. They communicate with great clarity and empathy. They bond with students, families, staff and professionals. They know their audience and tend to impress. They hit targets and touch hearts.

How to Apply: 

To learn more about the role or apply, please click the link below:

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AspenRidge Recovery
10155 W Kentucky Drive
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