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Clinical Operations Director

Job Description
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

Purpose: The Clinical Operations Director has oversight of the daily clinical operations and business of outpatient services

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

1.Will oversee daily clinical issues, including but not limited to, meet with patients and provide clinical assessment. Meet with families as deemed clinically appropriate. Responsible for the clinical decisions regarding relapses and provides a proactive direction to clinical team in an effort to minimize crisis.
2.Coordinate clinical program schedule, staffing schedule and actively step in to assist when necessary by participating in IOP groups and Caron Family Support events.
3.Monitor clinical documentation in the EMR of staff members by conducting chart audits
4.Will manage and oversee all operational functions related to the day to day operation and keep communication open with VP of Clinical Services regarding changes, challenges etc.
5.Will manage daily census, trouble shoot and maintain benchmarks
6.Assures that all clinical work performed at Caron Atlanta is within the ethical guidelines of Caron Treatment Centers, the Georgia Certified Addiction Counselor Association Board, GA State Licensing and other accrediting organizations.
7.Provide direct clinical supervision of therapy staff, clinical interns and office management staff to ensure professional growth and team development. Document performance.
8.Ensure that all programmatic functions are operating efficiently and effectively through direct observation, documentation and involving the right stakeholders if change is necessary.
9. Meet personally with high profile families, referrals and patients to ensure quality, treatment compliance and satisfaction.
10.Oversee patient satisfaction, referral satisfaction and recommends changes for improvement based on the clinical needs of the population. Troubleshoot grievances and incident reports in a timely manner working with the PA Quality team and notifying direct supervisor, Direct outreach with those who are dis-satisfied, correct where possible and document.
11.Facilitate a quality improvement process that meets all goals and objectives on a monthly basis, utilize professional development plans when necessary for employee growth.
12.Assure that all monthly financial and programmatic goals are met through review of budget on a monthly basis, develop corrective action around budget trends and provide executive summaries to direct supervisor for Treatment and Executive committee board reports
13.Accept special projects as related to the enhancement of the clinical program and overall Caron Strategic Plan.
14.Adheres to Policies and procedures related to medical records, HIPPA and confidentiality. Work collaboratively with the PA Medical Records Team.
15.Provides a style of leadership that encourages a high degree of morale and teamwork among staff, which in turn fosters commitment, communication and decisiveness.
16.Plan, implement and participate in team building and staff development opportunities.
17.Assist in the development, execution and ongoing monitoring of operational budgets and facility performance objectives.
18.Will support the promotional and marketing activities that supports the utilization of Caron Atlanta and other Caron services in collaboration with the Regional VP, Georgia and Regional Resource Director. This includes coordination with Caron residential services that refer to Caron Atlanta such as Adult and Adolescent Primary Care, Intermediate Care, Extended Care and Family Program, and the connection with and development of community referral services. Complete all performance appraisals in a timely and satisfactory manner.
19.Participate in all strategic planning services throughout Caron when needed.
20.Ensure the facility is maintained and report any issues.
21.This job description reflects management assignment of essential functions it does not prescribe nor restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

Other Information/Requirements: 

Physical Requirements:

1.Must be able to work extended hours, travel as needed.
2.Must be able to lift up to 20 lbs.
3.Must be able to climb stairs.
4.Must be able to present to audiences in large and small group settings, which may require long periods of time and be of multiple presentations.

1.Master’s Degree with 3 years supervisory experience in a chemical dependency facility; as well as, LCSW, LMSW, LMFT, or LPC required.
2.Must have 5 years or more experience in clinical operations of outpatient addiction services/behavioral health
3.Must comply with Georgia Department of Human Services law to work with youth.
4.Verbal and written communication skills.
5.If in recovery two years of uninterrupted sobriety preferred.

1.Must endorse the Caron Treatment Centers philosophy that chemical dependency as a primary, permanent, progressive and potentially fatal disease that is treatable.
2.Must be thoroughly familiar and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the principals and programs of the various 12 step fellowships., evidence-based practices
3.The ability to work with objectivity and empathy with the individual needs of clinical and support staff and positive past performance for conflict resolution and team building.
4.Must be computer literate and be able to work with most Microsoft products and network components.
5.Must have fluid communication skills that foster teamwork, high morale. Further, must be able to promote services in the media such as radio, television and print.
6.Must be able to set an example as a leader that other reports to them want to follow with enthusiasm. Must possess a high degree of leadership skills both in theory and practice.
7.Must possess a high degree of organizational skills and be able to impart critical and sensitive information to his/her direct reports.
8.Demonstrated competence in management/leadership area of the behavioral health field.
9.Excellent time management and organizational skills
10.Experience in clinical supervision and the delivery of supervision
11.Must be able to ne solution focused, trouble shoot and make necessary changes in an autonomous manner and communicating to direct supervisor

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Caron Treatment Centers
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