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Clinical Director - Lakewood, CO

Job Description
Main Areas of Responsibility: 

• Fully accountable for and exceeds the clinical and business goals for the center

• Strong client clinical outcomes as evidenced by high graduation rate and an appropriate length of stay relative to the client’s needs and program

• Retention rates management, including low Against Medical Advice (AMA) discharge rate and daily census and attendance numbers that exceed goals

• Very high client and family satisfaction, as evidenced by a strong net promoter score and client/family discharge/satisfaction surveys; call or meet the family members for every intake

• Actively maintains positive center culture and high staff satisfaction and retention; accomplished via coaching, trainings, supervision, recognition and progress reviews

• Well planned and clearly articulated program and staffing for both our transitional/extended care day program and our community/evening outpatient programs

• Provide consistent, scheduled supervision sessions and guidance for all clinicians, appropriate staff, interns, and housing staff

• Ensure high quality and accurate clinical documentation and on-time submission by all staff while maintaining the optimal average billing per client

• Provide no less than 10 direct billable clinical hours per week, but not so much that other outcomes are sacrificed

• Available for admission referral source calls and responsive within ½ day to non-urgent emails/communications from teammates or supervisors; available as needed 24/7 for emergency management situations

• Be present in the community through active outreach and work with marketing/outreach team to attend and support local, regional, or state meetings or conferences at least once per month, and represent AspenRidge’s programs professionally and openly

• Regularly attend and participate thoughtfully and intentionally in Executive Team meetings and communicate key information as helpful to the team

• Accountable to outcome data and quickly responds to reliable and valid results that will improve programming and retention

• Sets and completes quarterly goals for the center and staff members that are aligned with company’s yearly goals.

Other Information/Requirements: 

• Master’s degree or higher (PHD preferred), active clinical license (LPC, LCSW, LMFT), and over 5 years related experience (Director experience preferred)

• CAC III required; LAC preferred

• Must have demonstrated leadership and management experience in the chemical dependency treatment field

• Skilled in group, individual, and family counseling, cross cultural issues, psychodynamic and behavioral theories, didactic presentations, case management, treatment planning, crisis intervention, and clinical screening, assessment, and evaluation

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Strong and clear communication skills

• Strong initiative and very resourceful in creating and finding ways to get things done

• Punctual with meetings and project timelines

• Proficient in EHR/software and Microsoft suite products

• Has managerial leadership skills that can be applied within and outside of the clinical setting

• Has professional experiencing outside of the clinical setting

• Excels in managing a clinical team, treating patients, and as a leader in the business

• Understands and values the importance of the financial mechanisms that sustain the organization

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AspenRidge Recovery
10155 W Kentucky Drive
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