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Best Drug RehabilitationAccredited

Mailing Address: 300 Care Center Dr., Manistee, Michigan 49660, United States
Phone: 231-303-1736
Facility Of: Life Solutions
CEO: Veronica Johnson
CEO Phone: 231-303-1736
Admissions: Owen Tharrington
Admissions Phone: 231-303-1736
About This Organization:

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, our main goal and mission is to not only provide an exceedingly successful and effective approach to the full and complete rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addiction, but also to do so in a comfortable and effective environment and setting. This has always been the mission here and it always will be. We know that fighting addiction is already hard enough as it is, so we aim to not only provide each and every client with a rehab experience that will last a lifetime, but also to do in a way that provides the individual with comfort and happiness once and for all. Below are just a few of our services:

Our Detox Process

Detox is always the beginning treatment for addiction to anything really, like heroin, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs, and other drugs too. The types of detox treatment offered at Best Drug Rehabilitation s facility begins prior to treatment and is always continued until the individual client is fully free from all aspects of chemical dependence. Having professional medical help during this difficulty phase of treatment is crucial in the case of seizures, hallucinations, convulsions, or other complications that sometimes arise during the detox process, and we offer all of this.

Drug Rehabilitation at Best Drug Rehab

No matter how well the detox goes, the physical addiction to drugs is not by any means at all completely cured until the person addresses the mental and personal problems associated with it. Patients who sometimes leave other rehab treatment centers without addressing important issues are prone to relapse nine times out of ten. Our counselors at Best Drug Rehabilitation will discuss what the clients and patients want to talk about associated to treatment and addiction and they will always without fail help the person make some very, very powerful changes to their behavior and thought processes that will always ultimately help them stay away from drugs and alcohol in the future. Our counseling programs are the backbone of our program, and we feel it is these methods that give us stellar successes with our clients.

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Facility

We have a comfortable facility on expansive and peaceful grounds. Our rooms our home-like and we offer delicious food and enjoyable extracurricular activities. We believe that rehabilitation should be comfortable, and we strive to offer comfort and efficacy both.

Our Manistee, Michigan Location

Manistee is a lovely city to go free from drug and alcohol addiction in. Manistee is in the U.S. state of Michigan, resting right on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. The population was 6,226 at the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau. It is the county seat of Manistee County, and this city is a hub for tourism and travel in that area of the state. The name 'Manistee' is actually from an Ojibwe word first applied to the principal river of the county. The derivation is not certain though, but it may be from ministigweyaa, 'river with islands at its mouth . Other sources claim that it was an Ojibwe term meaning 'spirit of the woods . Either would work, as the area is known for its river, for the surrounding woods, for its pleasant scenery and quant small town lifestyle too.

Our facility prides ourselves in only offering the very best counseling and therapy methods to those addicted and to our clients. We believe that good counseling and therapy is the backbone of rehabilitation as it is the counseling and the therapy both that will make the biggest effects on the individual in the long run.

Rehabilitation Paths

Just to name a few, at Best Drug Rehabilitation we have:

One-On-One Counseling

During this a trained and certified counselor and the patient work tirelessly to get to the basic root of why the patient felt and behaved irrationally in the first place with drug and alcohol abuse to begin with. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, it s all about getting to the bottom of the addiction and working upwards from there. One step at a time, true peace comes about from this technique, bringing with it freedom from anxious, painful feelings that one might have regarding addiction and life in general. The former addict then feels confident, productive, and happier and is free to enjoy life and reach his or her true potential as a totally sober and recovered individual.

Group Counseling

This type of counseling is truly life-saving and has basically infinite benefits and uses. Group counseling at Best Drug Rehabilitation involves a close meeting with a group counselor, as well as other patients at the center. Sometimes it can often be found to be helpful for rehab patients to share their various experiences with those around them who are in similar positions and to provide support to fellow patients to help them along through their own personal addiction crisis. Drug and alcohol addiction often lead to varying degrees of social isolation so this therapy can be quite cathartic after the initial fear passes for them.

Family Counseling

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, it is strongly believed that family is everything when it comes to one s recovery and sobriety. Because of this, patients undergoing drug rehabilitation will find that this counseling is of a great help. As result of family counseling not only does it help to correct ways of thinking and behaving around one s family, but it also instills a sense of motivation in the patient to be a better family member. Counseling of this nature also works to educate the patient and the family members about the signs of a potential relapse too, as well as the importance of building a strong social network with safe individuals around one.

We also offer groups including:

Art Music
Physical Fitness Nutrition
Martial Arts
Relapse Prevention
Handling Individual Tone Levels
Transitional Living
Therapeutic Treatment
Financial Planning
Problem Solving
12 Step

We also pride ourselves in our facility and our grounds. We operate out of a totally renovated and redone historic landmark, and our grounds are extensive and expansive. Inside we have all of the comforts of home complete with an excellent dining experience, comfortable rooms, and social and private areas both. Outside we have plenty of room for outdoor activities and exercise, plus some of the most beautiful woods and walking paths that Manistee has to offer.

All in all, this is an excellent place to work on and rid oneself of addiction.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Recovery Center; A Great Choice for Those Addicted

Our goal is to of course provide the very best possible inpatient rehabilitation center we can possible offer. We essentially recognize that no two addicts are the same, and that addiction almost always affects everyone in a completely different way that is totally unique to the individual person at hand. No two addicts are the same by any means at all. While addiction itself often looks similar as far as the physical manifestations in each person who is addicted, the people who are addicted are still individual beings themselves, and they are still unique human beings too, with unique personalities and minds, and therefore they still require a totally unique and intricate approach to their rehabilitation process that is different from other clients around them.

Licensed: Yes
Licensing body:

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

Accreditation: CARF
Levels of Treatment Care: Consulting, Extended Care, Inpatient Detox, Intervention, Primary Residential, Sober Living
Specialty Programs: Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Coed Program, Holistic, Older Adult/Senior Recovery
Length of Stay: 30+ days
Payments Accepted: Insurance, Private/Self Pay
Payment Assistance Available: Yes