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Warriors Heart Accredited

Warriors Heart
Mailing Address: 756 Purple Sage Rd, Bandera, Texas 78003, United States
Phone: 844-448-2567
Admissions: Christina Moreno
Admissions Phone: 844-448-2567
Marketing Contact: Josh Lannon
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 844-448-2567
Membership Type: Provider
About This Organization:

Warriors Heart® provides private treatment to adult men and women 18 and older who are seeking inpatient treatment for chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, and co-occurring psychological disorders relating to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or the psychological effects of MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury).

Warriors Heart is a privately funded treatment center located in San Antonio, where we only treat active military, veterans, firefighters, police, EMTs, and active members from across the United States that belong to organizations that protect and serve the citizens of the United States.

Mission Statement:

Warriors Healing Warriors

Licensing Body:

Texas Department State Health Services

Accrediting Body: Joint Commission
Number of Beds: 50-99 Beds
Type of Payment Assistance: Scholarships
Year Founded: 2013
756 Purple Sage Rd