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Faith Farm Ministries

Mailing Address: 9538 Highway 441, Boynton Beach, Florida 33472, United States
Phone: 561-733-7263
CEO: Dean Webb
CEO Email: [email protected]
CEO Phone: 561-737-2259
Admissions: Paul Zielinski
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 561-733-7263
Marketing Email: [email protected]
About This Organization:

Faith Farm Ministries was established in 1951 as a rescue mission in the streets of Ft. Lauderdale serving alcoholic/homeless men, providing a safe place with '3 hots and a cot'. Faith Farm has evolved into a free, faith based, long term residential recovery program for men and women with 445 beds at three locations: Ft. Lauderdale is an urban location; Boynton Beach is our suburban campus and Okeechobee is a rural farm.

As a premier, national model, recovery program, we are funded through multiple student-run, micro-enterprises involving a comprehensive work therapy education. Examples are thrift stores, recycling, citrus farming, cattle farming, raising dairy calves, sod farming, composting and fertilizer. Initiatives are researched, planned and implemented as part of the program, while teacher/graduate student and student/resident work side by side and train in resolving conflict, establishing teamwork skills and development of work ethics.

A student receives mandatory GED education and testing, if needed, college equivalent classes, spiritual training and life-skills training. Staff members live on campus so students are never without assistance and counseling if needed.

Approximately 94% of all revenue ($12M Annual Budget) goes into the programs that directly benefit the students. Only 1.4% is allocated to fundraising while 4.6% is the administrative budget.

Fort Lauderdale Rescue Tabernacle, Inc., d/b/a Faith Farm Ministries, is a member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) and AGRM (Association of Gospel Rescue Missions).

Levels of Treatment Care: Consulting, Primary Residential
Specialty Programs: Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Gender Separate
Length of Stay: 120+ days