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A Forever RecoveryAccredited

Mailing Address: 216 St. Marys Lake Road, Battle Creek, Michigan 49017, United States
Phone: 269-788-0496
Facility Of: Life Solutions
CEO: Pamela Anderson
CEO Email: [email protected]
CEO Phone: 269-215-0209
Admissions: Lewis Anderson
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 269-215-0209
About This Organization:

At A Forever Recovery, we understand that one treatment approach may not work for everyone. We offer a treatment method that incorporates more than a dozen modalities for approaching recovery. Our path includes spiritual, educational, physical and cognitive development that is an individual approach to healing.
Some of the aspects to our program are:
At A Forever Recovery, we know and understand that chemical dependency is a very serious health issue. Physiologically, the body always tends to go through major withdrawals as an addict attempts to disengage drug use from his or her daily lifestyle. There are some great benefits to using a professional medical detox facility instead of attempting to quit cold turkey, as many try to do and almost always fail at. At A Forever Recovery, we operate with a fully professional, qualified, and excellent medical detox. Not only does using a professional facility drastically increase your chances of success, it also provides much needed attention and addresses, in the case of physical complications associated with withdrawal that often come up, which is very common. It is not uncommon for people to die from the complications of withdrawal, and this is why we take the greatest care and consideration of each and every client in our medical detox.
Counseling and Therapy
Overcoming addiction involves a lot of steps, and there has never been any question about this, but changing habits is by far the most key part of the process overall. This is something that is extremely difficult to do in an unstructured environment, which is why A Forever Recovery provides a very structured environment with a full schedule of multiple different counseling and therapy methods. A highly controlled and extensive rehab environment not only removes an addict from his or her negative habits that he or she is struggling with, but it also provides a powerful, no fail , environment by keeping the addict occupied and reducing or eliminating chances to relapse during the transition. With these tools, we can completely address and eradicate any and all aspects of mental addiction.
Comfortable Amenities
A Forever Recovery has a beautiful facility in a lovely location that is ideal for winning the battle against addiction. Our facility offers clients a secure environment too that allows absolutely no access to substances of abuse. By essentially removing clients from the negative surroundings that contributed to their drug abuse, they are not then at all confronted by temptations and this allows them to focus entirely on healing. We have a facility that is in a peaceful environment out in the woods on a gorgeous private lake. With a careful balance of education, nutrition, fitness routines, and counseling that is all provided here as a part of our program, clients gain the skills and knowledge and know how that is required to enjoy a drug-free lifestyle outside of the program. Within our center and on our expansive grounds, clients find absolutely everything that they need from a fully equipped fitness center, comfortable media center, lovely game room, music and art center, dining area, and quite areas for meditation. Our goal is to provide effective treatment in a comfortable setting and we have accomplished that.
A Forever Recovery Battle Creek Michigan
Battle Creek is a historic city in the U.S. state of Michigan, in northwest Calhoun County, at the confluence of the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek rivers both. As of the 2010 census as reported by the United States Census Bureau, the city had a total population of 52,347. The city was noted quite remarkably for its focus on health reform during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Battle Creek Sanitarium was initially founded by John Harvey Kellogg, who with his brother W. K. Kellogg invented corn flakes and founded the cereal company that now bears their name. Inspired by the Kellogg s' innovation, C. W. Post invented Grape-Nuts and founded his own cereal company in the town. Battle Creek has been nicknamed 'Cereal City.'
Treatment Modalities Offered Through A Forever Recovery
A Forever Recovery prides itself on the strength of its counseling programs that it offers. At A Forever Recovery, we believe that it is the counseling that by far does the most good for an addict, so we strive to concentrate on this aspect of rehab the most. With proper counseling, we truly believe that quite literally anyone can go free from addiction once and for all. Just a couple of our methods are listed below:
The Indigenous Track
The Indigenous Track incorporates multiple things like both traditional Native American teachings along with the traditional, 12-Step approach. Our 12-Step approach is not the usual one, but rather that of the ancient Medicine Wheel approach coupled with the 12-Steps as they were initially designed by White Bison Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colorado. When our clients choose to take this track they inevitably learn not only how to heal themselves from the inside out from their addiction but also and sometimes even more importantly how to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
A Holistic Counseling Process
We strive to offer a rehabilitation setting that is not the typical, clinical, hospitalized , rehabilitation setting. To help achieve this we have a series of elements of our Holistic track that can provide the drug addict or alcoholic with a sting and very long lasting enhancement to their overall rehabilitation process through our A Forever Recovery Treatment Program. These various elements can include yoga for physical addressment, guided imagery counseling, relaxation sessions counseling, the philosophy and spirituality of Martial Arts, and last but not least also lectures by recovering addicts, alcoholics and counselors too.
Moral Reconation Therapy
Moral Reconation Therapy, (MRT), is a systematic treatment strategy that seeks to address addiction by increasing moral reasoning. Its cognitive-behavioral approach combines elements from a variety of psychological traditions to progressively address ego, social, moral, and positive behavioral growth. This is a strong aspect of counseling at A Forever Recovery and it is very effective.
At A Forever Recovery, we are very proud of our grounds, our buildings, and our general environment. We believe that rehabilitation should be comfortable yet effective. Our buildings offer all of the comforts of home but with the necessary tools and techniques to create effective rehabilitation. Our grounds are expansive, and our lake and hiking trails are highly valued amongst our clients and employees alike. At A Forever Recovery, one can experience a highly valued and extensive rehabilitation experience while also experiencing comfort and a pleasant setting and environment.
A Forever Recovery; A Stellar, Unbeatable Way to Win Against Addiction
The very extensive and very powerful drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery drug rehab programs here at A Forever Recovery were actually created very specifically and intricately for the needs and wants and requirements of the average American who suffers from drug and alcohol addiction. It is implicitly and deeply understood here that one needs the very best out of rehabilitation and cannot afford to be cut corners with the quality of one s experience when one is trying to address and eradicate drug and alcohol addiction and dependence.
The alcohol drug rehab treatment program here at A Forever Recovery were specifically created quite literally from the ground and then up to be able to provide one with the best of the best of the best in a culinary experience possible so that one can enjoy meal times, the best outdoor and extracurricular experiences so that one can relax and enjoy casual sport activities, exercise opportunities, and very long walks around the expansive grounds during one's rehabilitation treatment stay here. These services are always available directly for one at A Forever Recovery. We want to make treatment comfortable and pleasant after all.
From massage therapy and spiritual electives to yoga to group sessions to Native American approaches to religious sessions to one-on-one counseling to expansive grounds and interior amenities alike, the drug and alcohol rehab tools and techniques offered to all here at A Forever Recovery were intricately designed to allow for complete customization based on one's individual needs and wants when it comes to rehabilitation. With the tools and techniques offered here, we provide a stellar experience that provides one with a lifetime of recovery and sobriety.

Licensed: Yes
Accreditation: CARF
Levels of Treatment Care: Consulting, Extended Care, Inpatient Detox, Primary Residential, Sober Living
Specialty Programs: Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Coed Program, Holistic, Older Adult/Senior Recovery
Length of Stay: 30+ days
Payments Accepted: Insurance, Private/Self Pay