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Choices RecoveryAccredited

Mailing Address: 3600 E Jefferson Blvd, South Bend, Indiana 46615, United States
Phone: 574-217-7769
Facility Of: Life Solutions
CEO: Tricia Hegan
CEO Phone: 574-208-1028
About This Organization:

At Choices Rehab Program, we work tirelessly to provide the best possible rehabilitation experience for those who come to us for help. Not only do we want to make treatment comfortable for our clients, but we also want our help to be lasting and effective, and on top of all that we want our clients to have a good time while they are here and be able to look back on the experience with a smile. Below are just a few of the services that we offer:

Drug Alcohol Detoxification

It is true that detox can only be a successful action if and when it is immediately followed by very intense treatment on an inpatient scale to get at the root of the addiction problem. However, our detox facility is highly sought after by many for its efficacy in treating all manners of chemical dependence and addiction. With our detox, one can approach beating chemical dependence to drugs and alcohol either from a medical or from a holistic platform. We can help either way.

Our program is comfortable, our staff is professional, and we also have trained and licensed medical practitioners who can make the process as easy and stress-free as is possible. It is said that roughly ninety percent of the individuals who enter detox programs, when followed by a good rehab, will be free from addiction for good. At Choices, detox is a great place to start and we have the best to offer in inpatient detoxification by far.

A Strong and Effective Rehabilitation Path

By rehabilitation is meant the process after detoxification in which one goes through extensive, intricate, and involved counseling, classes, therapy, group sessions, and other activities to address and eradicate the mental, personal, spiritual, and psychological aspects of addiction. At Choices, our key to success is in employing a wide plethora of counseling methods so that we can succeed in leaving no stone unturned in our quest to get to the root bottom of one's addiction struggle and crisis. Without counseling methods, we are confident that we can help you get rid of addiction for good.

Our Comfortable and Pleasant Facility

We believe that rehabilitation should be comfortable too. We have a lovely, home-like facility where one can relax, enjoy good food and a pleasant environment while going through the rehabilitation process.

We have a gym, an excellent dining area, and comfortable and cozy rooms. We have an expansive and beautiful grounds and we offer plenty of extra-curricular activities for clients to experience after-hours. All in all, our programs are comfortable and effective.

A Little About South Bend, Indiana, our Counseling Programs, and the Grounds

The city of South Bend is a pleasant city and is the county seat of St. Joseph County, Indiana, in the United States, on the St. Joseph River near its southernmost bend, from which it derives its name. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total of 101,168 residents, giving it a pleasant and historic small-city feel to it. The highly ranked University of Notre Dame is located just to the north in unincorporated Notre Dame, Indiana and is an integral contributor to the region's economy too.

At Choices we consider our counseling methods to be a strong aspect to our program. We use methods like:

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a stellar counseling program used at Choices. This program uses principles of motivational interviewing found in things like, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, (MET), and techniques and practices taken from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, (CBT), and also particularly found in the version called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, (REBT), as well as scientifically validated research on treatment to prove its efficacy.

Responsibility Counseling

At Choices, we believe that it is only when a client has a true epiphany on the effects of his or her actions that he or she will truly want to change. We have counselors who specialize in making this change occur.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to solve current problems and change unhelpful thinking and behavior. The name refers to behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and therapy based upon a combination of basic behavioral and cognitive principles. Most therapists working with patients dealing with anxiety and depression use a blend of cognitive and behavioral therapy.

The Facility and the Grounds at Choices Rehabilitation Center
A recovery program should also be comfortable and pleasant. This is our main goal and objective at Choices; an effective and pleasant rehabilitation experience. At Choices, we operate out a beautiful, old, fully restored building with all the comforts of one's own home and then some. We have an excellent dining experience, pleasant and social after-hours activities, and quiet, comfortable personal spaces.

Outside our grounds are expansive and well maintained with lots of room for outdoor activities, walks, and even hikes. Combined, our location is pleasant and ideal for the perfect rehabilitation experience.

Choices Rehab Goal Mission

At Choices Recovery Center, the goal is to provide the best possible inpatient rehabilitation center we can offer. We recognize that no two addicts are the same, and that addiction affects everyone in a different way that is totally unique to the individual person. No two addicts are the same. While addiction itself often looks similar in each person who is addicted, the people who are addicted are still individuals, they are still unique human beings, and therefore they still require a totally unique and socialized approach to their rehabilitation process.

We pride ourselves in our ability to construct an individualized, tailor-made recovery process for each and every client who walks through our doors. From the first step of the intake process to the last day of treatment and graduation, each and every person who comes to us will be rehabilitated in a way that suits them best. From detox, to rehabilitation, to after care, each step of the recovery process at our center can be worked to fit one s needs and wants. Some people respond best to a holistic detoxification process, whereas others respond better to a medical one.

Some addicted persons find that they prefer group therapy, whereas others want one-on-one counseling. Some individuals find that they do best with a more, looking to the future approach to their recovery process whereas others prefer t delve into the past to discover what the root cause of their addiction crisis was. This is all totally fine, and this is all completely normal. We are totally equipped and ready to provide each and every addict with a totally individualized program.

We refuse to stick each client through the same, cookie-cutter process, as we feel that does not work. At Choices Recovery Center, we will do out best to give the recovery experience of a lifetime that will last a lifetime.

Mission Statement:

Choices Recovery is a residential drug and alcohol treatment program that offers a unique, effective approach to addiction that encompasses nearly a dozen different modalities.

Licensed: Yes
Licensing body:

Division of Mental Health and Addiction

Accreditation: CARF
Year Founded: 2014
Levels of Treatment Care: Consulting, Extended Care, Primary Residential
Specialty Programs: Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Coed Program, Holistic
Length of Stay: 30+ days
Payments Accepted: Insurance, Private/Self Pay
Payment Assistance Available: No