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Beat Addiction Recovery by BioCorRx

Beat Addiction Recovery by BioCorRx
Mailing Address: 2390 E. Orangewood Ave., Suite 500, Anaheim, California 92806, United States
Phone: 888-993-1099
Marketing Contact: Susan Steinbach
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 626-375-2864
Membership Type: Affiliate
About This Organization:

BioCorRx® is a leading-edge healthcare solutions company focused on the treatment of addictive disorders. For more than 10 years, BioCorRx® has been developing and offering advanced treatment solutions.

Mission Statement:

BioCorRx® is committed to helping all afflicted by addictive disorders through comprehensive medication-assisted treatment programs designed to improve their lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. We instill hope that achieving long term success is possible.

Year Founded: 2009
Vendor Services: Other
Other services offered:

Beat Addiction Recovery offers a comprehensive medication-assisted treatment program to our medical partners for use with their alcohol and opioid use disorder patients. The program combines an absorbable sustained-release nalrexone medication with CBT modules and a peer support app.

2390 E. Orangewood Ave.