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AT Consulting, Inc.

AT Consulting, Inc.
Mailing Address: 910 236th Ave NW, St Francis, Minnesota 55070, United States
Phone: 763-226-8397
Marketing Contact: Lisa M. Asper
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 763-226-8397
Membership Type: Affiliate
About This Organization:

I provide consulting services for SUD/MH treatment providers in the following areas:
Value Based, Pay for Performance, and other types of third party payer contracting, Facility Integrations, Contract Management, Payer Relations, and Growth strategies

Mission Statement:

MISSION: To leave an organization in a better place then when I arrived
VISION: To assist in aligning a companies strategic goals and objectives
VALUES: Integrity, accountability, honesty, commitment and perseverance

Year Founded: 2019
Vendor Services: Billing, Consulting, Insurance, Training & Education
Other services offered:

Behavioral Health Consulting Services to include, but not limited to: Organizational Contract Inventory Assessment, Payer Contract Negotiations, Facility Integration, Education and Training related to contracting and credentialing

910 236th Ave NW
St Francis