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Membership Accreditation Vote

Proposal to Require Accreditation as a Criterion for NAATP Provider Membership

NAATP will amend its membership criteria to require that all Provider Members of the Association must be accredited by CARF International, The Joint Commission, or other recognized accrediting body approved by NAATP. Accreditation as a requirement will take effect January 1, 2019. Current NAATP Provider Members who are not accredited will be given a two-year grace period to obtain accreditation during which time they will be designated as provisional members. Addiction treatment providers who wish to become NAATP members that are not accredited may be granted provisional membership upon a showing that they are engaged in the accreditation process and given a two-year grace period to obtain accreditation. NAATP will support the efforts of its provisional members to obtain accreditation. This measure does not impact Supporter Members of The National Association. 

NAATP Member Accreditation Vote
Please cast your vote via this electronic ballot on or before 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, Tuesday, July 17, 2018 in favor or opposed to the above-referenced proposal.
Proposal to require accreditation as an NAATP Provider Member requirement. *
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