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Nikki Soda, MS

Director of Membership & State Advocacy

Nikki Soda (she/her) is a passionate advocate for recovery, experienced marketer and meeting planner. With over 10 years of nonprofit and corporate meeting planning, she brings an energy and level of professionalism used to create successful outcomes. Prior to working in the healthcare industry, Nikki was an event planner and organized large scale events while working for both corporate and nonprofit organizations. Her background in recovery led her to shifting into the behavioral health field. In the past few years, Nikki has worked in the capacity of Director of both Business Development and Marketing for nationally recognized treatment facilities, as well as overseeing several Alumni programs while being on the board of the Treatment Professionals and Alumni Services. Advocacy and Public Policy are two passions that Nikki continuously puts effort into, through volunteering and community engagement.

Nikki holds a MS in Addiction Policy & Practice (ADPP) from Georgetown University and a BA in Communication from the University of Tampa. Her experience working on both the front end and back end of treatment has given her a wealth of knowledge and has contributed to her understanding of systems within the field of substance use.